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After Christmas, checking out these lesson planning resources

Try the Green Thumb Challenge for ideas that might work for you.Where can you find resources on a variety of greening topics for school use in one place? The Green Education Foundation has several green challenges with lessons and activities to support the objectives. I didn’t do much with Earth Week last year, and hope to remedy it this year. We’ll look into the Green Thumb Challenge. Other topic choices include sustainable water, bike riding instead of cars, green energy and waste reduction.

Boy does this look exciting!

First of all, I had no idea there was a group or entity called nor do I have any personal connection to it. But this link to the Engaging Our Grounds International Green Schoolyard Conference looks really exciting. Click on the list of Presenters for a clue. Even though I have no job, and no school garden yet, I might go just for inspiration! But at $300, I also am thinking what it would cost to launch a garden wherever I land. 🙂

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