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Fresno gardening conference coming up

An organizer for The Giving Garden at Fresno’s Rata High School will be one of the guest speakers at the upcoming Community Garden Conference. The event on Sept. 10 will be held at Sunnyside High School in Fresno, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunnyside High is at 1019 S. Peach, south of Kings Canyon Road. Best of all, admission is free! How many educational opportunities are free anymore?

at Sunnyside High School

Hope to see you there Sept. 10!

I checked out some youtube video from the first garden conference, hosted by the Fresno Community Garden Coalition, a project of Fresno Metro Ministry. Looked like a promising beginning. Attendance appeared to be a little light in the video. Maybe this year it will catch on. I hope to be there and hook up with some inspired school gardening connections for my future job (thinking positive!).

As I cruise the web looking at school gardens elsewhere, we here in Fresno have some catching up to do! Rata High’s garden shows just how beautiful a school garden can be — beyond rows of raised beds. I’m looking forward to learning more new about other community gardening efforts in Fresno at this community gardening conference.

Boy does this look exciting!

First of all, I had no idea there was a group or entity called nor do I have any personal connection to it. But this link to the Engaging Our Grounds International Green Schoolyard Conference looks really exciting. Click on the list of Presenters for a clue. Even though I have no job, and no school garden yet, I might go just for inspiration! But at $300, I also am thinking what it would cost to launch a garden wherever I land. 🙂

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