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One stylish school garden in Fresno

Vegetables are coming in and The Giving Garden at Rata High in Fresno is just getting greener. Makes me smile every time I pass it. Take a look at their latest photos if you want to see what a stylish school garden can look like.  Not sure what I’ll be doing by August because like so many other teachers, I’ve been laid off. Several irons in the fire. Meanwhile, I stop and smell the …. vegetables.

Garden designed for disabled students

Excited parents can get a lot done working together. They are the impetus behind the new Giving Garden at Rata High School in Fresno, just down the street from me. Check out this Fresno Bee story, Once the garden grows in a little more, I hope to post a few pix of features that would work for any school garden. They had an architect design theirs, and some parents do the pitching to sponsors for the project.

The parents did a great job, and you can talk to them on Facebook, It’s one of the most lovely designs I have seen, and I have toured several school gardens in Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Riverside and now Fresno. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something inspiring in this story like I do.  🙂

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