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Looking for ideas on bringing art into your garden? Check out the link above for some beautiful photos and ideas on art in the garden.


Soda bottle as natural decomposter

Soda bottle as natural decomposter

Really liking this for 4th grade ecosystems, if not for my gardening elective.

Farmers Market Visits a School

Chatom Farmers MarketFarmers Market Visits a School

In the Fencepost, a blog for the California Foundation for Ag in the Classroom, they cover a collection of farmers bringing their crops to the Chatom Elementary in Stanislaus County as part of the Central Valley Farm to School Pilot Program. I just received a Specialty Crops Grant to use next year to bring $300 worth of specialty produce to my class so they can get to try some foods they might ordinarily not try or even know about. Maybe I’ll be able to work up to an actual market visit some day. We have had the dairy cow visit through the California Dairy Council’s Mobile Dairy Classroom before, and it was a hit!

What’s been going on at my school?

See the evidence!Image I’m so busy directing kids most of the time to avoid having a tool spear a foot that I can’t get too many outdoor shots. So here are two, plus indoors making salad earlier this school year.ImageImage

Vintage seed packets and the history behind them

USPS-vintage-seed-packet-stamps-zinniasVintage seed packets and the history behind them

Now memorialized in stamps — which I HAVE to get — this article on Retro Renovation covers how the illustrations reflect the development of landscaping in the early years of home gardening as a pastime. Lots of information I had never before read, from a USPS press release of all things.

Make your own vegetable sprinkler from PVC

Make your own vegetable sprinkler from PVC

I got to this link after hitting this link after finding Mike the Gardener’s post on a FB page Vegetable Gardening. I like this because it can be customized to any garden, and for situations like mine where the likelihood of adding a permanent hookup to the only faucet available is not likely. You could arrange this however you need it, set the water, and set a timer in class so that a student goes out to shut it off (don’t think I’ll be able to add a timer at this location because of other uses for the spigot, which uses a key to turn it off and on). 

Learning from Granny’s Garden School

Learning from Granny’s Garden School

As I looked online for information on the Herb Society of America’s grant program for educators, I saw last year’s awesome winner, Granny’s Garden School in Loveland, OH. What an inspiring story, I thought, to begin my New Year with a bumper crop of gardening elective students — so many I’m not sure how I’m going to teach them. Take in the school’s history, for a positive start in 2013.

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