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I am a teacher with 3.5 years of experience in Fresno Unified.  Grades 4, 5 and 6 mostly. I’ve been at Starr Elementary for just over a year, after a layoff over that last nerve-wracking summer. We had a small garden at Starr, until the seeds from the bloomed out sunflowers attracted critters that nested in a nearby classroom floor. Yuck! So we aim to replant this spring with herbs and flowers, with no tasty seeds! After three semesters with 12 students or less, I suddenly have 26 for this spring. It will require teaching a little differently, but I will make it happen. This fall we made our own seed packets from the sunflower seeds; divided rhizomes of a houseplant to take a new plant home; rooted marjoram cuttings; crafted Christmas wreaths with fir branches, floral tape, floral wire, and our own glittered pinecones; and finally, divided up a bag of daffodil bulbs to force them at home over the break. We may wade more into agriculture and food this semester because we have more bodies than the plot can handle. Whatever happens, it’s bound to be fun! Blogging keeps me dreaming of a bigger garden, and focused on what we HAVE done.

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    • Thanks for your comment on my buttons. I’d been trying to get them on there for awhile and it turned out I had not realized I needed to click the box for “index” pages in addition to the rest. I didn’t know what an “index” page was, nor was it defined. WordPress is pretty step by step, but the lingo is still an obstacle. It took me an hour, but I figured it out!


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