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How to use milk crates as gardening containers

This video comes from Riverpark Farms in New York. It’s a great idea that could make for easy gardening in schools or anywhere that you need raised beds, and portability. Will be interesting to learn how long the crates end up lasting. But even wood raised beds can fall apart eventually. If you need more root depth, just cable tie two together and the roots will go through. Genius!

I can’t make it to the garden conference

Yeah, the one I’ve blogged about a few times. I’ll be busy this weekend setting up the new classroom I’ve been blessed to get. But I am bummed I won’t be going. Bummed, I tell you. Looking forward to hearing what comes of it.

Great video to sell Yosemite to urban kids afraid of the wild

Last year I had thought of trying to set up a 6th grade trip to Yosemite. I was teaching in a very urban school, and many of my students were afraid of the idea because it was not something they had any exposure to. Their families did not go camping, and feared bears, falling from rocks, etc. This youth-produced video will do a great service for Yosemite. I’m so glad they made it. I took pictures on many of my visits, but it is not enough. Kids need to picture themselves going, that it is something they could do. Check it out! Appreciation for the outdoors lingers back at home.

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