Great Sunflower Project

Great  Sunflower Project by mtnester
Great Sunflower Project, a photo by mtnester on Flickr.

I missed the July 16 bee count with The Great Sunflower Project. I was on vacation — couldn’t help it. But I will be visiting the Lemon Queens that a few of my students planted as seed last May. Several young sprouts were eaten before they cleared even 4 inches, most likely by squirrels. But several survived anyway as of the end of the school year. Custodians watered the area over the summer, along with their corn growing nearby on a sliver of land across from the cafeteria (and behind the Dumpster — don’t do it if you have another option). I hope our plants made it! Photos, and a count, to come. BTW, this photo is from the pool posted to flickr, by Teresa. 🙂 Bet you didn’t know that scientists figure bees are responsible for every third bite of food we take. Here’s a video on the project, http://youtube/33bRgiSgQcA


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