Grass heads

Do you know any of these people?

Wish I’d taken a picture! During my gardening class, one student brought the used sock I’d asked for. In fact, she brought two, kid-sized, both with patterns on them. So after school, we did the craft I’d envisioned if all 31 of the others had brought socks. We made grass heads, from the book “What Shall I Grow?” (Usborne Publishing/Scholastic), 1999. They call ’em Green-haired creatures. Attached is the book’s version. If you do this with patterned socks, buttons that are solid colored are definitely best. I used pins with plastic heads on them, from Walmart — about $2.50 for 100. I picked solid colors for the pinheads, but there is pearlized available too. They give the eyes pupils. Grass grew as pictured. I also spritzed the top with water the first few days. The principal happened to see this project and loved it.



1. Wet an old sock. Put it into a mug, or a wide-mouth cup (like we did — not carting 30+ mugs to school).

2. Use a spoon to spread lots of grass seed all over the bottom.

3. Fill sock with potting soil.

4. Wrap a rubber band tightly around the sock, just above dirt line. Chop off sock top.

5. Pour water onto top of sock. Lift it up, and let water drip off.

6. Turn it upside down. Put in high-rimmed saucer or plastic container (deli meat containers, recycled, work great). Pour water around.

7. Push a plastic-topped pin thru button hole to make nose. Again, for eyes. Experiment with size and color for best looks.

8. Put grass-head in warm, light room. Keep top watered well. Grass appears in a few days.


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